My Privilege

        Have you ever postponed buying that favourite dress till the end of the season sale??? Or decided to give your Birthday treat at a not-so-expensive food joint due to pocket money constraints??? Or even decided to buy a lot of things but eventually you keep adding them to your 'wish list'???

        Now leave all your Budget woes to us..! Introducing 'My Privilege Card' your own any-time discount card! Why wait for the Clearance Sale to own your favourite goodies when you can have them right now at substantial discounted rates!!

What is the My Privilege Card??

        A My Privilege Card is like any Debit/Credit Card which will fit in your wallet and save money for you! Any time you shop at My Privilege Card partnered outlets you will save money!! It's an All-in-One voucher cum discount service which we offer across a variety of popular destinations in your city.

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