green, brown, dead fall, fallen trees, logs, branches, twigs, fallen leaves, ferns, underbrush, moss, brambles, thickets, ivy, berry bushes, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, insects, rabbits, birds, squirrels, lizards, mice, foxes, spider webs, deer, sun-dappled, shady, shafts of light, branches blowing, deer paths, dark, thick, thin, sparse, colorful, rose hips, flowers, bird nests, shifting patterns of light, cool, trunks covered with moss, bugs, stillness, beetles, grass hassock, cave, rocky, moist, ravines, creek, steam, melting snow patches/snow covered ground, willows, oak trees, sap crusts, aspen, spruce boughs, seeds, pods, decay, wild mushrooms, toadstools,

branches creaking, feet shuffling through detritus, squirrels chattering, leaves rustling, wind whistling around trunks/disturbing the leaves, birds singing, insects humming/ churring, rustle of animals rooting in underbrush, scrabbling of lizards on tree bark, limbs crashing to the ground, still, quiet, crackling underfoot, breaking branches, clattering leaves, soughing wind, groaning trees, squawking birds, hostile screeches from animals, panting, barking yips, ruffling, ticking, tapping, rattling, shake, shiver, grating, the beat of paws against a path, harmonic, rhythm

tree smells (pine, etc), wildflowers, earthy smell, animal scents, rotting wood, fresh, stale, dry, damp, wet, scents on the wind from nearby places (water, wood smoke, ocean), wild mint/herbs, decay (bogs, stagnant pools of water, dead animals), skunks, skunk weed, whiff, waft, musk, spoor, stench, subtle, fetid, foul, acrid, sweet, rancid, cedar, ripe, sharp

earthy air, sweet/sour berries, nuts, mushrooms, wild onions, seeds, bitter, mint, gritty, mealy, meaty, relish, savor, sample, salty, acidic, sweet, flavorful, sour, tart, flavorless, swallow, mild, nutty, relish, rose hips, cranberries, pine needle tea, edible leaves, bark, roots

rough tree bark, kiss of falling leaves, branches slapping, uneven ground, knobby roots underfoot, sticky sap, underbrush that tangles/grabs, prickle of briars, slick leaves, twigs snagging at hair/scratching face, tickle of hanging moss, spider web strands on skin, soft breeze, strong gale winds, utter stillness, cold, warm, sweaty hot, humid, feeling of claustrophobia, wind against sweaty face, ruffling through hair, grass sliding against legs, uneven ground, moisture seeping into boots, mud, rocks/pine needles/small twigs getting stuck in shoes, hot, muggy, thick unmoving air, sticky clothes, spongy ground, scratchy moss, slimy lichen