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We will look at the upcoming technologies coming in 2014 & 2015

1. Panono

We will be the first to admit that our camera skills are more below par than Martin Parr so that's why we love the Panono. This ball camera allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots by throwing the thing up in the air. The Panono is clever enough to know what the optimum height to take a picture is so you end up with snaps that are both clear and a whopping 108MP in quality. It's rugged too – made of the same water/life resistant plastic that a GoPro is.
Design Boom | Out: September 2014

2. Atlas

Atlas calls itself 'the first fitness tracker' which isn't strictly true. But its maker believes that it deserves this moniker as it identifies what workout you are doing, evaluates your form and will even count your reps for you. It's like having a personal trainer without the massive inferiority complex that inevitably goes along with this. Oh, and it will also measure heart rate as well as working with many a fitness app that's out there too. And, looks wise, it definitely gets our vote.

Indiegogo | Out: December 2014

3. Ninja Sphere

When you name your product Ninja Sphere, it better be something to shout about. This future-styled gadget offers a way into the internet of things that is actually cool. It allows you to control your home's environment by monitoring things like temperature, lighting and energy usage. Hook it up to your home via a smart plug and it will tell you through an app if you have forgotten to turn off a light or if someone has been rummaging in your fridge.

Kickstarter | Out: June 2014

4. PrioVR

'Suit up. Game on.' That's the sort of tagline we can get behind and it just so happens to brilliantly describe PrioVR, a new virtually suit by YEI Technology. The PrioVR is a suit that comes equipped with two hand controllers that allow you to 'walk' through virtual worlds by merely pressing a thumbstick. Promising low latency and real-time motion tracking, PrioVR could well be a successful successor to Kinect – except without those messy privacy issues as it doesn't use a camera.

5. Sammy Screamer motion alarm

Okay, you've got us. The first thing that attracted us to the Sammy Screamer was that face. Just look at it – it's like a cartoon character stuck in perpetual fear. But then we looked a bit further and Sammy Screamer isn't just a scared face, but a great little motion alarm as well. Hook the small plastic device up to your smartphone and Sammy Screamer will let you know if something is on the move. Whether that something is your bag, your dog or even your baby's buggy. This gadget proves that simplicity is the key to the Internet of Things.

6. Wood keys for MacBook & Apple Keyboards

If you often think the only downside to your MacBook is that it doesn’t offer enough wood, then some folk over in a Brooklyn design company have a product especially for you. Crafted from Rosewood and Bamboo, the keys fit over your keyboard and can be easily removed without leaving a sticky, gluey residue.

7. Goji Smart Lock

Keys are so 2012. The Goji Smart Lock ditches those metal things and replaces them with your smartphone, offering easy access to your humble abode. What sets this apart is its ability to easily send access to other people who may be coming to stay, allowing them to enter the house from a particular time. Even more inventive is the embedded camera that sends a snap of anyone at the door to your phone. This truly looks like something straight off the Enterprise.

8.SONTE windows

So, you have Wi-Fi in your phone, laptop, camera and even your fridge. Think that’s enough? Course you don’t! These windows from Californian tech start-up SONTE integrate Wi-Fi so you can do away with blinds and simply alter the transparency of the glass with a smartphone app. Best of all it’s completely DIY and the special film can be used on your existing windows.

9.Nokia Lumia Play

We know Nokia is already playing nice with Microsoft on the Windows Phone front, but what if the Finnish mobile-maker took the existing Xbox integration one step further? Clearly inspired by the Xperia Play ‘PlayStation phone’, this gaming-centric Windows Phone 8 handset powered by Xbox features a gamepad that slides out from the back and hosts a 1136x640 resolution HD screen with an eight core processor taking care of running games and answering the odd text or email in between./

10.Ghetto blaster backpack

Taking the boombox off the top of your shoulder and strapped to your back, the 80s inspired portable sound system packs eight speakers that deliver 100 watts of sound and a built-in rechargeable battery to give you six hours of power. There’s plenty of connectivity with USB and SD support alongside 32GB of internal storage and a 200 lumen pico projector to shoot out video and images making it perfect for building up the atmosphere at a dance-off in an empty car park.