Q1)In a 100m race A covers a distanc ein 36 sec and B in 45 sec A beats B by?



Q2)In a 200 m race A beats B by 35m or 7secs A's time over the course is:

(a) 40sec
(b) 47sec
(d) none


Q3)In a300m race A beats by 22.5m 0r 6 sec B's time in the course is:

(b) 80sec
(c) 70sec


Q4)A can run 22,5m while Bruns 25m In a km race B beats A by:

(a)100m (b) 111*1/9m
(c) 25m


Q5)In arace the ratio of speeds of two people A and B is 3:4 A has a start of 140 m then A wins by:/pre>

(a) 60m


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