1.Mobile phones was invented by Dr.Martin cooper in April 3,1973.

2.Mobile phone has become the best mode of communication.

3.It was first used in United States of America

4.Now we have 1G,2G,3G models.

5.The upcoming model is 4G.


What is mobile technology and what are the benefits?

Mobile technology is exactly what the name implies - technology that is portable. Examples of mobile IT devices include:

laptop and netbook computers palmtop computers or personal digital assistants mobile phones and 'smart phones' global positioning system (GPS) devices

Mobile devices can be enabled to use a variety of communications technologies such as:

wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) - a type of wireless local area network technology Bluetooth - connects mobile devices wirelessly 'third generation' (3G), global system for mobile communications (GSM) and general packet radio service (GPRS) data services - data networking services for mobile phones dial-up services - data networking services using modems and telephone lines virtual private networks - secure access to a private network

It is therefore possible to network the mobile device to a home office or the internet while travelling.