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Girls Hostel

Our objective of establishing Hostels within the Campus is to provide students “a Home away from Home”, wherein they can feel at ease
and put in their best efforts for acquiring 'A'ttitude, 'S'kill sets and 'K'nowledge, towards life. We strongly believe in this formula for life
viz., “ASK”. The Hostel Environment certainly provides self-confidence, instills discipline in the minds of students and also provides scope for
developing their ideals for harmonious and communal living without Nostalgia; these attributes enable them to share the joys of
camaraderie, friendship/ fellowship and professional fraternity; senior students have been trained to be more responsible and thus set
good examples for the juniors. Every one should uphold dignity, selfrespect and reputation of every other student and of the Alma-Mater.
'Self-help', 'Accommodating Intelligence' and 'Team spirit' for the common good are the virtues expected from senior students as well as
the freshers.


  • There are three Hostels for 'Girls' and two for 'Boys'; The Hostels for 'Girls' and for 'Boys' are exclusive and well segregated geographically, keeping in view our tradition, culture and heritage values.
  • The Hostels have necessary Infrastructure and Facilities with separate modern kitchens, Dining Halls and Services.
  • The Hostels have provisions for hot water round the clock, through solar heaters.
  • There are separate study Halls in addition to well established central Libraries of the respective Institutions at the Campus.
  • Department stores are available separately for 'Boys' and for 'Girls', in the Campus to serve/ meet the day-to-day needs of Hosteller.
  • Support facilities such as Food Courts, Canteens, DTP, Bank/ ATM, Internet, Telecom center, Super market, Sports, Entertainment/ Recreation, Halls for Gym and Yoga are available. 'Post Office' is also located at nearby place.
  • Internet Centre is available separately for Boys and for Girls – well  within the Hostel Premises.
  • There is a well established SRM Specialty Hospital (150 Beds) functioning round the clock, within the Campus. 'Free treatment' is provided for the Students, Staff and the Public.
  • Institution wise orientation: Floors/ Rooms in each of the Hostels are administratively so earmarked for allotment of Rooms by the respective Head of the Institution.


Morning Tea        6.30 am to 7.45 am
Breakfast            6.45 am to 7.45 am
Lunch                 11.55 am to 12.55 pm (SRMU)
12.25                  pm to 1.15 pm (EEC)
Evening Tea        3.45 pm to 4.45 pm
Dinner                 7.00 pm to 8.15 pm


Principal (Easwari Engineering College)/ VP (SRM University) are in their capacity as the Head of the Institutions, the Chief Wardens of the Respective Hostels (Both for Boys and for Girls).


  • Hostel facility is however being provided primarily for outstation students. Local students are also considered on merits and based on availability of Rooms.
  • In the interest of total and true Development of the students, they are advised to continue to stay in the Hostels during the entire course period (all the years). This stipulation is compulsory and the Students/
  • Parents are to give a clear Undertaking to this effect at the time of  (Hostel) Admission itself. This is however subject to Annual Review by Chief Warden concerned and his decision shall be final w.r.t continuance in the Hostels or otherwise.
  • Application for new admission to the Hostel, should be made in the prescribed form -which can be had from the respective Manager of the Main office of the College concerned, on payment of Rs.100/
  • he filled in “Application Form”, along with the particulars, declaration and “Undertaking” should be submitted to the respective Head of Institution through the respective Manager of the Institution concerned.
  • n submission of Application form and undertaking, Principal/ VP (SRMU) will authorize the Manager of the Institution concerned, to accept the payment (for Rent).
  • ACCOUNTANT Thanthai Periyar Institute of tech shall centrally collect the Fees for all the 3 Institutions, in the Campus (only DDs)