Trees and plants help the soil to retain water. Water is a decomposer. If the decomposer does not function then decomposition does not take place. Even a dead animal begins to rot emitting a foul odour. But if it decomposes within eight days it becomes nutrition to trees and plants.

We should start with children. There are about five to six thousand students in each school. If each of them plants two saplings a year it is sufficient. In our country, Karnataka is known for planting trees. With children’s active participation more trees can be grown and we can lead a healthy life.

Yes. As the tree grows the roots too become very strong. Then they spread out, they can exert pressure on any thing that is in its way. That is the reason trees are planted at least 10 feet way from any wall. Big trees like the banyan tree or the tamarind tree are not planted inside the compound because its roots are very strong. They have to be far away from the foundation of a house.