Grab an opportunity to become STUDENT AMBASSADOR!!

Companies want employees, who have the extra nerve of self-confidence and the blood of a Leader. Being a student from morning till evening, mugging up stuffs in book, being a slave to the traditional ROTE learning method will take you no where. But wait, we have a solution now here!

Uniq Technologies has come out with a golden offer, you could not resist. We are recruiting exceptional students as student ambassadors from engineering institutions in Tamilnadu. You could be one such lucky person!!

What does it take you to become a student ambassador at Uniq?

Eligibility Criteria - -You just need to be a college student (Preferably 2nd year and 3rd Engg students)
• Some creativity to see things in different angles
• Self confidence to work in challenging situations.
As a student ambassador of Uniq, you would be entitled to the following benefits.

Events @ UNIQ: - Inplant training in your field of interest
• Industry recognized internship
• Practical workshop on latest technologies
• Special placement trainings
• Free soft skill training
That’s not all. We will surprise you with gifts like DigiCam, iPad, Laptops and lots lots more!!
These are the benefits of being a student ambassador. In addition, you are bestowed upon important responsibilities to create a better society.

Roles and Responsibilites : - You will assigned the responsibility to take forward to your campus, the technical knowledge you are gifted with in UNIQ.
• You will familiarize us with your college culture and happenings.
• You will be the central point of contact for technical knowledge transfer between UNIQ and your college.
• You will get trained to co-ordinate batches we organize.
• You will be highly benefitted through the trainings we provide you at Uniq. You should have the generous mind to spread those benefits to your fellow college-mates.

Benefits and rewards :-
You could be lucky to get to meet CEO of top MNCs in Tamilnadu.
• You would be personally trained by HR personnel’s from reputed companies, who would mould you into an industry ready professional.
• You would be granted “Brand Ambassador Authorization” as soon as you register.
• You will be awarded a special Leadership Achievement Certificate that speaks for itself during interviews.
• You will be rewarded with an opportunity to learn about innovative UNIQ products and programs.
So what’s the big deal? What do you benefit from becoming a “Student Ambassador for Uniq”? The benefits are multiple.

Registrations are FREE!