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InPlant Training In Android


Android Application Development

Uniq Technologies, the leader in engineering education provider has been so successful because of its tie-ups with market leaders in various domains. This time its Uniq’s turn to raise its collars proudly. This comes in a situation where Uniq has been rated the BEST CENTER FOR LEARNING ANDROID. Here are some of the key features of the Android Development Programme

1. The duration of the programme would be 5 days(3 hours/day).
2. The training is 100% practical.
3. Students from any Engineering stream (CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, EI, MECH, CIVIL), who have interest in Android, can make use of this opportunity.
4. Free Andriod related softwares and training materials would be given to all participants.
5. And here comes the ultimate surprise… All these features are brought you for JUST Rs.1000/- only!!
6. So why do you wait?? Hurry!!
7. The course syllabus includes:

Day 1: Introduction

1. What is mobile operating system
2. Mobile Operating systems available in market
3. What is android
4. Android version history
5. Android architecture

Day 2: Android Installation

1. Tools used for android
2. Android installation process
3. Creating AVD
4. Android Helloworld app
5. Android flow of execution

Day 3: Activity life cycle and View Group

1. Activity life cycle
2. View Group(Layouts)
3. Linear layout
4. Absolute layout
5. Table layout
6. Relative layout
7. Scroll View

Day 4: Android Views

1.Text view, Edit Text
2. Button, Seek Bar
3. Checkbox, Radio button, Toggle button
4. onClickListener, onCheckedChangelistener

Day 5: Location provider and Publishing App

1. Tracking Current location using GPS and Network Provider
2. exporting android apk file to publish in Market