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InPlant Training

IPT or Inplant Training is a methodology by which an individual, especially a student, is trained to inherit an organizational behaviour by constantly nurturing him with industrial best practices.

Only when iron is constantly subjected to heat, it can bend to various shapes and become stronger. Likewise, only when a student is subjected to intense training like IPT, He/She can excel in his/her career. These days, job opportunities are more. There are lots of employment opportunities. The question is about the “employability” of the Engineering student. Companies feel that the employability rate is very less among the student community. This is the reason why they conduct several rounds of interview to filter in the best minds. IPT can serve a shortcut to success. IPT certificate from a reputed and ISO 9001:2008 certified institute like Uniq would convince the employer about the talent of the certificate holder.

Many IPT institutes have come into picture only in the past few years. Uniq has been in this profession since 2007, accumulating the best talent, to produce even greater talented professionals. Students, these days are very smart. They have rightly understood what it takes them to land themselves into MNCs. After probing several alternatives, they zero in on IPT, as the best source of knowledge.

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