InPlant Training In Network Simulator-2

InPlant Training In Network Simulator-2

Is Networking your choice of research or career?

Do you wish to have a prospective career in networking?

Do you want to do network coding the way researchers do?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions, then you have reached the right point in life and perhaps the right place to make your dream become a reality.

Training Duration Details

Day 1: Linux Installation and Usage

1. Installing Ubuntu Linux in x86 and 64 bit architectures.
2. Hello Ubuntu: a session of using Linux for everyday work, where we start digging from the history of Linux, to how it has landed up in the smartphone you have in your hands.

Day 2: Session on advanced Wireless Networks

1. Say no to wires: a session on wireless networks and how the word "wired network" is becoming obsolete.
2. Advances in wireless networks: Types of wireless networks and choosing the right one for the purpose.

Day 3: Wireless Network Protocol Analysis

1. Mobility in wireless networks .
2. Protocol analysis for wireless adhoc networks.

Day 4: Introduction to NS2

1. Installing NS2 in your pc.
2. Tuning up NS2 to meet your needs.
3. NS2 code hierarchy explanation.

Day 5: Handson NS2

1. Your first NS2 simulation.
2. Basic scripting to advanced simulations in Ns2.

The advantages of using this simulator for network researches are:

1. 90% of network based simulation worldover are carried out using NS2.
2. NS2 open source. Which means you have the complete code that makes up the simulator,for free, plus you are bestowed upon the freedom to tweak the code as you wish.
3. The results are accurate and closely match the real time implementations.