We, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) - a specialized SOFTWARE/SERVICES/DEVELOPMENT company founded by professionals from leading MNCs like TCS, WIPRO, IBM, CTS, and Accenture � have our operations based in Chennai since 2007.

With a clear vision of providing cost effective solutions to small and medium sized companies, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has served more than 112 clients in the area of Banking, Retail, Hospitality, Logistics solutions etc.

Now with a sense of responsibility towards the society, UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES has framed a new initiative called INPLANT TRAINING, which will enable Engineering students to join our facility at Chennai and gain hands on experience in Software Solution development. We being software professionals know what it takes to get employed in this industry. With the founders having rich experience of working with various MNCs, we will also be involved in developing soft skills and various placement related activities (Improving logical abilities, Effective communication in English, developing a positive attitude).

We request you to kindly notify your friends of the opportunities available to them through our IPT programprogram as we strongly believe we have a lot to offer to those who deserve.

Program Contents:


1. Matlab Software Installation & Config
2. Reading and Writing Image Data
3. Displaying and Exploring Images
4. Image Enhancement
5. Contrast Adjustment
6. ROI-Based Processing
7. Neighborhood and Block Processing
8. 2-D Filtering
9. Image Filtering
10. Morphological Filtering
11. Blurring/Deblurring
12. Analyzing Images
13. Statistical Functions
14. Edge-Detection Algorithms
15. Object Analysis
16. Region and Image Properties
17. Texture Analysis
18. Morphological Operators
19. Building GUI-GUIDE with Tool

Y.Santhosh Kumar
R.M.K. Institution.Kavaraipettai.

hi am santhosh from R.M.K Institution. I have done inplant training in UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES. It will be very useful for my future steps in get through my ambition.They are not a faculty, they behave like a friends with me. My friends know about my dream and they know abt my future plan.

2 Reviews

CSE, NIT Trichy

A very good environment for learning, I enjoyed the rooms in which the classes were thought. The facilities are very good. They make every effort to make me understand giving real-time examples when necessary. The classes are not boring. They are very much interesting.

NIT Trichy

We heard about your company through contacts from Anna University, Chennai. They had done a little bit publishing through their nit friends. We were guided to your office and the bill receipt was also obtained through an Anna University final year student.

Gayathri Padma.S

The android workshop was conducted for 5 days and it was organized and structured in a very good manner.First, we were introduced to java basics which was very useful. The approach was step by step and it was easy to understand also.XML introduction could have been there as we were new to coding.